About Camden News

Publisher Clyde Eber Palmer in the Texarkana office of the Four States Press, Oct. 24, 1912.
What is now the Camden News began as the Camden Evening News, founded in 1920, by Curtis B. Hurley. The publication’s offices were at 116 Jefferson.

Hurley operated the newspaper until 1929, when it was purchased by the Palmer Group headed by publisher C.E. Palmer (1876-1957), father-in-law of former publisher, W.E. Hussman Sr. and grandfather of current publisher W.E. Hussman Jr. Palmer changed the name of the publication to the Camden News. Mr. Palmer was publisher until his death in 1957.



Walter E. Hussman, Jr.
At Palmer’s death, Walter Hussman Sr. (1906-1988) became publisher. The newspaper relocated to its present location at 113 North Madison. When the senior Hussman retired in 1981, Walter Hussman Jr. became the third generation of his family to take over as publisher.





Walter Hussman, Clyde E. Palmer, J.Q. Mahaffey